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Neat Women Inc Freebies

At Neat Women Inc we believe free stuff is the best kind! We offer you a wide selection of goodies, that are fast, easy and free. When you feel the urge to "get your stuff together" come to the Absolutely Free Stuff pages at Neat Women Inc. Items that are not absolutely free are fabulous and fun stuff we think you will enjoy!

NWI Newsletters


NWI Postcards and Greeting Cards

Click Here to send a greeting card.


NWI Angel Award

A unique tribute for a special friend! The Angel Award It’s fast, easy and best of all free!

Click here.


NWI Fun Stationery

Neat Women Inc Stationery Store… offering 12 colorful designs, plus, 4 especially for women of color and 4 black and white. Print out as many as you like with your color ink jet cartridge or use a black cartridge for all of them. Alternately, take the URL to your nearest Kinko’s and print them out there.

Stationery - Color and Black & White


NWI Notepads

Note Pads….they are easy to use…simply select the graphic or graphics you prefer, print it out, and use them to remind yourself and/or others what an interesting, busy person you are! 10 designs in color to chose from and 8 designs in black and white.

Color Notepads
Black & White Notepads


NWI Fibromyalgia Friends

For Fibromyalgia Friends (our own EVE has severe fibromyalgia and insisted we offer these and hopes you'll like them and find them useful. Notepads with a funny message (remember, "She who laughs, lasts!). Fast, easy and free. Four color and three black and white.

Color Notepads
Black & White Notepads


NWI Calendars

Calendars money saving, free …..print them out and fill in your special dates….either color or black in white. (Please note that calendars are in color but should print as black and white on black and white printers without any problems. Please notifiy us if you experience ANY problems.)

March 2004       April 2004         May 2004
June 2004       July 2004


NWI Book Plates and Keycard

Bookplates…print them out, affix to books with inexpensive paste/glue and when you loan your books, it’s a nice, gentle reminder that you’d like to have the book returned. Click Here

Unique, one of a kind! The popular virtual world joke about “hit any key” prompted Neat Women Inc to create a Free ANY KEY just for you! You can take it everywhere And also use it, as your key to all the good things life has to offer. Click here.


NWI Top Ten and Menopause Printables

Get your printable Neat Women Inc Top Ten List For Answers To The Question, “Now HOW old are you?” Click here.

Get your printable Neat Women Inc Menopause Proclamation. Remember…..it’s you pause! Click here.

It Is YOUR Pause. Want to laugh and sing about it with your friends? Printable song sheets--It's My Pause and I'll Laugh If I Want to the tune of It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To...words. Click Here


NWI Stress Reduction and Living Better Printables

Get your printable Neat Women Inc Ten Commandments For Stress Reduction. Click here.

Get your printable Neat Women Inc’s Ten Step Guide To Living Better. Click here.


NWI Wallpaper

Your very own, personal wallpaper (screensaver)- easy to put in place and three graphics to choose from. Click here.


NWI Reasons Why Fifty is a Fabulous Place to Be

Get your printable Neat Women Inc Top 10 Reasons Why Fifty’s A Fabulous Place to Be. Click here.


NWI Membership Card

Your own Neat Women Inc Membership card… Free and unique just for you! Click here.


NWI Catalogs Link

Hundreds of your favorite catalogs are just a click away - FREE - CatalogLink! Click Here

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